Doubling leads for food and drinks event

Jun 22, 2021

Whisky Wine and Fire is a four-day public event attracting thousands of people each year for good food, entertainment, wine and whisky. In its first year in 2018, it used printed ‘passports’ to encourage attendees to visit all vendors.

While the event had built a local profile, organisers were limited as to how to capture leads from attendees while at the same time identifying the most visited vendors. The passport system was also not as effective as could be, with many passports being lost or damaged by rain while the team spent up to 3 weeks post-event manually entering data and with limited reporting metrics. Moreover, after a successful launch in 2018, organisers were keen to raise the bar for 2019.

Organisers decided to take a leap and introduce an event app to facilitate better engagement and data collection. eMobilise was introduced and was custom-branded for Whisky Wine and Fire with a user-first experience in mind. The introduction of the app allowed the printed passports to become digital, which meant organisers could more accurately measure interactions between attendees and vendors, giving better value for stakeholders. Importantly, it enabled better lead capture for organisers and allowed them to adequately build their database.

Attendee engagement rose significantly as a result of the app, with 43% of all attendees downloading the app (and almost half of those downloads taking place before the event). The app was immediately welcomed by users, with over 90% of feedback being overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, the number of people taking part in the passport competition soared by 223%, more than doubling leads for organisers and demonstrating value for stakeholders. Racing’s data collection increased dramatically giving them increased marketing ability for future events.

We were wrapped with eMobilise and services provided by eTechSuite. As a first time user of an app service, we definitely needed the assistance provided by eTechSuite at all times to get the app across to the standards held by the Melbourne Racing Club. By introducing the app, we had aimed to provide additional customer engagement to better educate and engage our audience in the event. We also had aimed to increase the volume and collect better quality data for later marketing of other services and events we host. The app made this possible by providing a central place for everything patrons may need to know, as well as providing the passport competition, requiring registration to take part. The QR scan process was simple and clear for our patrons, and many had a great time walking throughout the event to see how many they could obtain.”

Whisky Wine and Fire spokesperson

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