Digital poster technology is now more user-friendly and more engaging than ever. In the latest suite of updates, ePresenter has added 6 new features to make your delegates’ digital poster experience better than ever before.

  1. Better user interface with enhanced navigation including author photo.  A more enriched user experience that will draw in viewers and keep them engaged.
  2. Search improvements in posters. With added search functionality such as keyword searches, delegates will be able to find what they’re looking for, in less time.
  3. Filter improvements. Better filter options to help bring posters in line with the conference program. Search by date or allocated conference room.
  4. Colour customisation including for background and menus. Ensure alignment with conference branding, or sponsor positioning.
  5. Zoom in/out on more devices. Increased display options for the posters on touch screens.
  6. Enhanced integrations. Explore other conference elements with the click of a button, or link through to other virtual event platforms or websites with new customised menu options, providing a more unified experience.
  7. View abstract for digital poster. Read and download the abstract behind the digital poster. 


Watch our Demo Video to find out more!