What does the future of technology in events look like?

We are calling it, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, and whilst we are hopeful 2021 is not going to be an exact repeat of 2020, we have learnt that you do not know what is going to happen.

This is why event planners should include technology in their events or be planning for hybrid.  Not only has 2020 made online the norm, it also provides peace of mind for an easy transition should plans suddenly change.

At the conclusion of 2020 we came together with the Arinex DCO (Digital Conference Organiser) team to reflect and participate in a panel discussion about the use of effective technology for event delivery.

Enjoy this discussion on the future of technology in events:

Hybrid event delivery will continue to be a great option as it brings together the best of both worlds, providing an option for those who can and want to attend an event in person and an option for those who prefer online or cannot reach the location.

Event planners should consider hybrid for event delivery. It is exciting to offer innovative ideas to ensure successful events utilising the latest in technology. A successful event needs to focus on the attendee experience both physical and virtual, and unique ways to engage and connect.

Delegates, sponsors and exhibitors have become accustomed to online events and learning from each to adopt new ideas and creativity for follow up events. It is imperative to research the most suitable technology options for each event and understand the best solutions for audience engagement.

The range of multiple platforms available for virtual events can be overwhelming however we are here to provide guidance on the right solutions.

View the full panel discussion here

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