While COVID-19 may have caused complications when it comes to in-person event planning, the pandemic has led to a whole new set of possibilities when it comes to virtual or hybrid events. A host of online platforms have come onto the market, which allow event organisers to provide quality content to attendees from across the world.

We have collated the 5 eTechSuite products to ensure a seamless and stress-free virtual or hybrid event experience.

1. eMeeting – Hybrid and Virtual Event Platform

eMeeting supports virtual or hybrid events, whether it is one stream over a half day or 15 concurrent streams over multiple days and venues. This eTechSuite product focuses on bringing the event hosts’ ideas to life and providing them with an uncomplicated process when connecting attendees and speakers.

The eMeeting product provides clients with:

  • Multilanguage and time-zone functionality
  • Live webinars, pre-recorded videos and on-demand viewing
  • Networking lounge including full delegate list with search function
  • Meeting scheduling and business card exchange
  • 1:1 and group chat between speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates
  • Customisable design and branding
  • Multiple auditoriums, exhibition halls and private meeting rooms
  • Live helpdesk support
  • Compatibility with Apple and Android tablets, phones, desktops and laptops
  • Live polling, attendee surveys, push notifications, social integration and more

eMeeting was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate for the client and therefore provides the simplicity that speakers and attendees look for in virtual and hybrid events. As well as this, eMeeting is accessible for both in-person and virtual attendees at hybrid events and is the perfect tool to connect both audiences.

“Ability to ‘think outside the box’ providing innovative event technology and digital solutions, differentiates them from others”
General Manager, Microhire

2. eOrganiser – Abstract and Program Management System

Managing abstracts and transitioning to a program can be complicated and time-consuming to manage. eOrganiser, eTechSuite’s next-generation abstract and program management system, takes the stress away. It allows clients to organise and review abstract and paper submission and to build the program with the drag and drop program builder.

eOrganiser provides the following benefits:

  • End to end management of your program within a single platform
  • Automated processes with flexible and powerful workflows, resulting in a reduction of time for authors, reviewers, and event organisers
  • Easy management of large volumes of content (e.g., abstracts, programs)
  • User-friendly event planning, providing elimination of human error
  • Up to 60 hours of manual labour saved for every 100 abstract submissions

Enabling seamless program management, eOrganiser saves significant time while offering organisers a user-friendly planning experience. Not only is eOrganiser integrated with other eTechSuite products, but the conference program built into eOrganiser can be embedded in event websites too.

“eOrganiser is always our first recommendation to clients for a comprehensive online abstract/paper portal”
Marg Craig, Director, The Conference Team

3. ePresenter – Digital Poster Solution

ePresenter brings poster sessions to life, providing an interactive experience for attendees and authors onsite. The digital posters are user-intuitive and heighten engagement among participants in a way traditional paper posters cannot.

This product allows you to:

  • Offer your attendees an interactive experience with audio and video capability
  • Provide a multi-platform experience on mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and touch-screen monitors
  • Boost digital poster experience with ratings, social sharing, messaging and more

ePresenter has evolved the monotonous concepts of poster presentations by providing a flexible, sustainable, and customisable tool that energises the event.

“ePresenter increased interaction between attendees and facilitated a unique way of presenting scientific posters”
Committee Member, 6th World Congress on Paediatric Critical Care

4. eMobilise – Event Mobile App

eMobilise is Australia’s most flexible event app, delivering a whole new level of industry engagement, networking and knowledge sharing, without the premium price tag.

eMobilise allows you to:

  • Build your app in minutes
  • Fully customise to your brand
  • Generate revenue with digital sponsorship options
  • Access live analytics
  • Increase digital engagement of your event by as much as 70%
  • Access flexible design and branding opportunities
  • Have peace of mind surrounding any user privacy concerns

eMobilise offers a simple system where event participants can interact, learn, grow and share knowledge. With ongoing technical support, eMobilise is the perfect tool for any face-to-face or hybrid events.

“We were wrapped with eMobilise and services provided by eTechSuite”
Spokesperson, Whiskey, Wine and Fire 2019

5. eSpeaker – Presentation Management System

This eTechSuite product enhances the experience for speakers, pre-event and on-site, with its world-class presentation management system.

eSpeaker provides the following benefits:

  • Wide-scale distribution of presentations
  • Submission monitoring
  • Speaker preparation and presentation management
  • Dynamic updating of session slides to event rooms
  • Easy management of program changes

Without eSpeaker, managing and preparing speakers, as well as ensuring their presentations are formatted correctly ahead of time, can be one of the most stressful elements of event management. eSpeaker takes on management of the speaker process and presentation upload, creating a seamless event experience both for presenters and event organisers.

eTechSuite is a one-stop shop for all event content management. To learn more about eTechSuite and our top products click here, or contact us at sales@etechsuite.com for a quote or demo!