We answer the top six questions asked by event organisers when considering using eOrganiser as their abstract, paper and program management system.

  1. How much time will eOrganiser save me?

Traditionally, event organisers use multiple programs, files and manual processes for the management of abstract submissions, papers and event programs. eOrganiser automates these processes to provide one complete end-to-end program management system delivering considerable time savings.

The software was designed and tested by event managers over many years to ensure its real-world functionality. We have found that it can save up to 60 hours of manual labour for every 100 abstract submissions.

  1. What are some examples of its functionality and efficiency?

Submissions: Event organisers can customise submission forms to suit their needs. Authors can then create their own accounts and upload photos, biographies and their abstract, full paper, poster and presentations with ease.

Formatting: eOrganiser eliminates the need for manual formatting and ensures all documents and content looks consistent and professional. This includes word count restriction and automatic formation of submission documents, title capitalisation and tables. eOrganiser also supports special and scientific characters.

Peer reviews: eOrganiser streamlines this process with the ability to bulk assign submissions to reviewers by theme, region or other segmentation. Event organisers can easily ensure submissions are evenly distributed and assigned to the most appropriate reviewer. Smart built-in checks ensure reviewers are never assigned their own submission and the system supports blind reviews if required. Alternatively, users can assign abstracts to expert reviewers manually.

Virtual presentations: To meet the evolving needs of our clients, recent developments have enhanced the ability to upload MP4 pre-recorded presentations to allow the user to qualify the duration of the MP4 according to the allocated timings in the program.

Program design: Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to easily populate the program with sessions, speaker details, abstracts and themes. Changes save automatically but users can revert to previous versions at any time. The program will report on clashes (e.g. the same speaker being allocated to sessions in different rooms at the same time). When ready, event organisers can instantly publish the program to their event website and mobile app, and any additional changes will be displayed in real time.

Communication: eOrganiser allows event organisers to create customised emails to one or multiple users at any time. This creates significant time-savings when sending mass communications to speakers.

  1. How well does eOrganiser integrate with other systems?

eOrganiser comes with third party integrations which include Events Air, Delegate Connect, Congress Online, Eventbrite and supports bulk Excel importation. Our team also works with clients to integrate new or custom platforms. This reduces the errors and high labour costs that come with utilising different providers.

eOrganiser also seamlessly integrates with other eTechSuite products including eMobilise (event mobile app), eSpeaker (onsite presentation management system), ePresenter (digital posters) and eMeeting (hybrid and virtual event technology) to service the full spectrum of event technology needs.

  1. How does eOrganiser aid collaboration?

Everyone from committee members to program chairs and event organisers can log on, view the program and make real-time changes. It can work on any device, anywhere at any time. The program chair may be accessing it via a mobile device in an airport while the event management team are accessing it via their desktop computers in a different state or country.

eOrganiser also enables locking of the program to one person and controlling the level of access given to the program chairs and committee members.

  1. What kind of analytics are provided?

eOrganiser provides 24/7 access to real-time information via a dashboard that is viewable on any device. Separate dashboards can also be created for different users such as event organisers, committee members and reviewers, with various levels of specialist roles and permissions.

For example, within the system, users can easily see the number of submissions received, by how many authors and by each theme. They can also check the number and percentage of submissions reviewed and how many are still pending, along with how submissions are split among reviewers. This information is all displayed in a user-friendly format with graphs and data tables that can be inserted into reports and downloaded. Users can generate one of 30 standard reports or create custom reports in various file formats.

  1. What technical support is provided?

eTechSuite’s expert team supports clients every step of the way, from portal setup to post-event reporting, to ensure the entire process is stress-free. Clients also have access to helpful guidelines and templates. With offices in Europe and Australasia we have you covered in all time zones.