We’re back to answer the top 5 questions asked by event organisers when considering using eTechSuite’s speaker management technology, eSpeaker.

  1. We have speakers presenting in concurrent sessions in different rooms across multiple days. How can eSpeaker make our lives easier?

As event management professionals, we know how much time and labour goes into managing speakers, presentations, AV and the program at conferences. That is why we are delighted when eSpeaker can help event organisers work more efficiently.

Forget about searching your email for a speaker presentation and then remembering to save it to the right file and update a spreadsheet. Those days are over. Once a speaker has uploaded their presentation to the system (either online pre-event, or in the speaker prep room on the event days), eSpeaker will automatically send it to the correct room and session.

On a dedicated submission management dashboard you can keep track of those late submissions by running reports that flag any pending presentations.

  1. Can eSpeaker reduce the cost of my event?

Event organisers can achieve significant cost savings by using eSpeaker. The more event days and concurrent sessions, the bigger the savings.

For example, when comparing the cost of traditional AV equipment and labour with the use of eSpeaker for a two-day event with three concurrent sessions, eSpeaker can deliver cost savings of A$1,600. This cost saving jumps to A$3,700 for a three-day event with three concurrent sessions.

One of our clients is planning a five-day program with six concurrent sessions. By using eSpeaker, they will save about A$12,500. That’s a 43% saving compared to AV costs without eSpeaker.

We are thrilled when we can help clients return money to their budgets to improve their events in other ways.

  1. We prefer speakers to upload their presentations ahead of time, but we know there will be some that won’t submit until the day. How will this work?

We’ve all been there at least once – sprinting across a convention centre with a USB stick, then sneaking into the room while a session is in progress to ask the AV team to upload a speaker’s presentation.

With eSpeaker, late presentations can be uploaded in the speaker preparation room and they will be automatically transferred to the room without interrupting the current proceedings.

If you have a speaker that is running late and you need to swap sessions in the program, this can easily be managed on-site through eSpeaker to ensure the correct presentation is ready to go at the new timeslot. On the day program updates and changes can be automatically published on the event website, mobile events app and virtual events platform.

  1. We’ve got to keep our conference running like a well-oiled machine. Are there any features of eSpeaker that will help speakers stick to their allocated time?

As a world class speaker management system, eSpeaker doesn’t stop at the allocation of a presentation. The technology is also great for keeping conference programs on time.

Once speakers hit the stage, they can launch their presentation with a single click. A countdown timer is then visible to each speaker throughout their presentation.

An optional automated close feature can also be utilised to end a presentation once it has reached the agreed deadline.

Speakers who have used these features at past conferences have commented on how it helped them manage their time on stage.

Event organisers understand how important it is to keep a program running to time and want to be respectful of speakers and delegates.  Some speakers just get caught up talking about the subject matter they are so passionate about and need visible cues to keep them on track.

With eSpeaker, you don’t need someone standing at the back of the room waving their hands or ringing a bell – it’s all managed by technology.

  1. This technology is exactly what we need for our upcoming conference, but even with the amount of time eSpeaker will save, we have staff and skills shortages. What kind of support can eTechSuite provide?

Think of eTechSuite as an extension of your event management team. We are here to support you at every stage of conference planning and delivery to ensure you gain the full benefits of this time-saving technology.

All eTechSuite’s products come with helpful guides and templates. Based in Europe and Australasia, we are available in all time zones and will provide specialist on-the-ground support.

Contact us for more information on eSpeaker and other eTechSuite products.